A metal allergy is an allergy that some people have to basically all metals
out there. Even silver or gold cannot not be tolerated.
With a metal allergy your bodies immune system forms a reaction to certain metals which it recognizes as a "foreign", in a similar manner for example to an inflammation.  This can cause skin to become red and inflamed, and commonly becomes itchy. On occasions the skin can open, and releases a white or yellow fluid.
A lot of girls can have trouble with this when they get earrings. Because of
the discomfort and pain of inflamed ear piercings, they often decide to
let them to close up. You certainly do not have to do that!
Titanium does not give these nasty infections. Because titanium is nickel free, it is also allergy
free. It is perfect for earrings because the metal is also very light weight.
It is advisable if you're expecting some kind of allergy to use
titanium earrings right from the start. Prevention is better than
Do you already have earrings, and is your piercing inflamed? If so try
titanium earrings. Keep them in as long your piercing's have become completely healed. Disinfect the piercings daily and also twist them around, just as you did in the first six weeks of having them pierced.